Family friendly carpet

Carpet can be a very family friendly option for your home. It is perfect for a busy home because it maintains the beauty while making it a healthier and more comfortable place to live.Carpet adds color and texture. In fact, soft-feeling carpet is still the rage. There is a stigma that soft carpet can’t hold up the busy lifestyle of a family and that can’t be farther from the truth. The new soft fibers are as rugged as they can be.

At Top Notch Flooring, we know carpet and we know it well. Out of our showroom in Somerset, KY we serve all surrounding areas including London, Russel Springs, Stanford and Richmond. Having a welcoming carpet that stands up to wear and is easy to clean is what a family needs. And we have a myriad of options at several price points to fit your budget and your lifestyle.

What's under the carpet?

Don't forget what goes underneath! Consider cushion that has a moisture barrier as well as enzyme technology that will fight odors. It's not necessary that you have messy or pets to purchase this type of cushion. Industry statistics tell us that the average household experiences carpet spills seven times a year.

Call us or visit us and we can help you choose the perfect carpet for your lifestyle.

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Fiber information

Most carpet has fiber information that includes tests that tell you the wear quality. One such test is the Vetterman drum test. The test reports on results of over five thousand revolutions of a cleated ball over carpet, which is equivalent to about five years of residential traffic. This can give you a performance measure on the carpet.

Every carpet has a backing, the foundation on which a carpet is built and on which it functions over its entire life. Backing has a direct bearing on carpet's life, beauty and softness. They are engineered not only for these reasons but also to keep carpet wrinkle-free and increase its dimensional stability, that is to say, its shape and pattern for the long run.

As a mainstream fiber, olefin has certainly reached a new peak in a patterned broadloom we saw recently boasting one million "points" per square inch (points being individual tufts). The result is a very dense and durable product. Olefin has always been very stain resistant but was too often relegated, unnecessarily so, to less expensive carpets. Nowadays, olefin is available at many price points and in a range of qualities including permanently built-in stain protection softness.