Laminate flooring may be a perfect fit

Today’s laminate flooring is amazing. It comes in an array of colors and styles that make your design choices limitless. At first you may not believe your eyes, thinking they are the real deal: Brazilian cherry wood; bamboo; slate or marble, but unbelievably they are not.And equally important, it is easy and fast to install and simple with little effort to maintain. Top Notch Flooring in Somerset, KY has been serving customers in London, Russel Springs, Stanford and Richmond with all their flooring needs. Our expertise in all types of flooring including laminate is second-to none.

The floor is made with four layers:


  • A wear layer, or the top layer, is transparent and protects the floor from scuffing, staining and scratching. It also protects the layer below, which is the printed design.
  • A photographic image layer is where the realistic image lives.
  • An inner core layer is next which is typically made from high-density fiber board. This layer is what the printed design image in on. It is also where the tongue and groove edges are for the click-together installation.
  • A backing layer which adds strength and stability to the core. It also creates a barrier from moisture and warping.


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Key characteristics

Laminate flooring comes in many different formats or sizes that correspond to the product they mimic. For example, manufacturers use similar surface treatments as they do to hardwoods, such as distressed looks, hand-scraped and nail holes and knots. This precise and textural replication is also seen in the tile format: from polished marble to matte, glossy and slate that looks aged. Also, there are countless options for edge detailing, length, width and shape that makes laminate flooring a contender. The bottom line is they are made to be exceptionally realistic. This flooring is one of the most durable flooring systems on the market today. It is perfect for homes with active kids or pets. Also look for moisture resistant warranties from manufacturers. If a spill occurs, wipe it up within 72 hours and there will be no damage. Installation is literally a snap; it’s a click-together application with no glue and is considered a “floating floor.” It can be installed over an existing floor as well. Call us or visit us at our showroom in Somerset, KY and our flooring experts can discuss your laminate flooring needs.