Waterproof floors

Waterproof floors are wood plastic composite (WPC)vinyl flooring. They boast a technologically advanced construction that makes them impervious to water. WPC waterproof vinyl flooring has a backing that is engineered to bond recycled wood pulp and plastic composites for increased stability and strength. To literally “top it off” is a vinyl top layer. You have a vast array of options, in color, style, size and texture. It is good to note that all luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof. With its amazing design choices and uncannily realistic looks of any type of wood or natural stone it is no wonder it is the number one selling flooring category on the market today. Top Notch Flooring wants to be your “go-to-flooring” partner. Our showroom in Somerset, KY has all the waterproof flooring options you can imagine. We serve homeowners in Somerset, London, Russel Springs, Stanford and Richmond and we would be honored to serve you too.

Waterproof or water resistant

Not all flooring types are waterproof. Some are water resistant and others are neither. Make sure you understand if a product you are looking at is truly waterproof based on its warranties. A water resistant boasting product, will give you up to 72 hours to wipe up a spill or liquid accident without damage. On the other hand, a full waterproof product is just that. If you have a pipe burst or a flood of some type, this flooring will not be damaged. With its click together or floating floor installation, you can take the flooring up and dry it off. Make sure the sub floor is completely aired and dried out before installing the waterproof WPC flooring in place. It’s a great investment that will last for a long time. Many manufacturer warranties are 20 to 30 years or more on this flooring type. So if you are in the market for waterproof flooring in your home or business, you are in the right place. Top Notch Flooring has the answers and can help you discover the perfect flooring for your décor, lifestyle and budget. Call us or visit our showroom in Somerset and we can get you your dream flooring.

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