There's something special about hardwood

There is something amazing about walking into a home with wood floors. The natural beauty and warmth is so welcoming. This flooring has been around for centuries and lasts many lifetimes. Literally ages ago, only the aristocrats and our founding fathers had wood in their homes. Today, it continues to be a popular flooring choice and over time has become more affordable.

At Top Notch Flooring, our hardwood flooring choices as well as our knowledge is abundant. If you live in or around Somerset, KY, we want to be your flooring go-to partner. We serve all areas including London, Russel Springs, Stanford and Richmond.


It is important to note that before these floors are installed, they must acclimate to the temperature of the room they will be in. We recommend using professional installation team, as we offer here. Our installation team has an expertise in flooring installation techniques and has a reputation for quality.

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Great appreciation for wood

When you walk into your home with hardwood, it takes you into nature, bringing the outdoors in. The natural character and inherent blemishes of each piece can remind us of the tree’s original existence.

There are lots of options in this type of flooring, there are exotics from other places around the world; there are domestic species and there are reclaimed woods from riverbeds and the bottoms of streams and ponds. Any species or type can be found in both solid and engineered flooring options.

Solid is just what it is a solid piece of wood. Engineered has a top layer of actual wood, placed on top of an engineered core of crisscrossed material that gives it dimensional stability.This means that you can put hardwood that is engineered in your basement or below grade, because it can tolerate humidity. Solid hardwood is not recommended for below grade or basement installations.